Washing Your Microfiber Mop to Make It Last Longer

Nowadays, more and more people are using the microfibet mop for cleaning up the house. Unfortunately, the mop that should stand for years is broken within few months of usage. If you also experience the same thing, then you might have done something wrong with the washing process. Here are the best washing method that you can use to wash the mop from the microfiber material. The main thing that you need to do is that you need the considerably warm water to wash the microfiber. That is because the warm water will do better to clean all of the micro dusts that have been absorbed by the mop.

For the soap, you need to use the mild one so that the particle on the mop will not be easily broken. For some reasons, the hard soap will destroy it within few months of usage. For your additional information, it will be better for you to wash the microfiber with the other microfibers. That is because when you wash it with the other materials, the small particles will be absorbed by the microfibet mop and your washing will be wasteful. Therefore, be very careful with washing the mop or you will end up with the short-term mop.